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Thank you Chelsea for including my Georgianne Mesh Bracelet on PaperCakes Finds http://papercakesfinds.blogspot.com/2010/04/flickr-friday.html  its is item #6.


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Julie and Julia……

  Julie and Julia…what can I say about this movie which I finally watched last evening!! It will be come one of my all-time favourites! Julie and Julia shows how when you  find your  passion and see it through to the very end (or the change it brings  in one’s stagnant life?)  I understand about finding your passion, making yourself happy doing it and bringing about great changes in your life while doing it! Bringing about change at certain times in life can be scary and uncertain as to be expected….but doing it with great passion and joie de vivre makes it all so much better!!

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My Etsy Shop http://72studios.etsy.com

Welcome to my Etsy shop 72studios Jewelry and Accessories http://72studios.etsy.com

Victorian Filgree Ring

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2009 good-bye to this decade!

……..and so its the last day of the year and the last day of the 1 st decade of 2000. December 31 st 2009. What a decade this has been for me…Mark and I married in 2002….had our Hannah in 2003…..his dear father passed on due to lung cancer in February of this year. So many ups and downs…..but that’s part of life! We learn from the downs and cherish the ups! Love each other and Happy New Year to all!! Welcome the next decade with wonderment and Namaste!

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Merry Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year in our little home……especially through the eyes of our 6 year old daughter! She much excitement in her eyes and voice….it really is the best reason for celebrating Christmas. It is truth and honesty…..she isn’t jaded by Christmas commercialism……she still believes in Santa…..knows that Jesus is the real reason for this season. She believes in Peace on Earth and Goodwill. Here are a few image that she and I would like to share with readers of this blog……cute snowman of a by-gone era! Enjoy! Merry Christmas to All!

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Durham Region Handmade Cafe



This group is a new endeavour that I recently started for local crafters, artists, designers and artisans to join, network, promote themselves and their business, connect with like-minded people etc!

After about 10 days online we have 24 members!!! YAY FOR US!!


Loving looking after this…inviting people to join…making plans, promoting, etc!

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Where The Wild Things Are……….

This movie is finally in theatres today! October 16, 2009……these images from this post are from the website http://www.TerribleYellowEyes.blogspot.com. These images are done by various artists from around the planet! Enjoy!




















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Jens Lekman – Sipping On The Sweet Nectar

Jens Lekman – Sipping On The Sweet Nectar

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