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Kathleen of Papercraftsbyk……

 Every Monday I blog about “hearted” Canadian Etsyians. This week we are still on the West Coast of Canada in British Columbia talking to Kathleen of the Etsy shop papercraftsbyk.

Here are a few question that she was kind enough to answer for the readers of this blog….

1. Please tell the viewers of this blog all about yourself!

      I am a wife and a stay- at- home mother of 2. I love to run and get a lot of my creativity when I am running as it is my time to reflect! As well as making my journals, I create art on canvas too. So much of my “spare” time is spent in my studio making art!journal by papercraftsbyk

2. Which beautiful city in Canada do you live? How’s the weather?

       I live in Coquitlam, British Columbia and I don’t think you’ll find one person who will complain about the weather we’ve been having in the past few months!

3. Tell us about what you create for your Etsy shop.

       For now, in my Etsy shop, I create all different types of journals. There are travel journals, running journals, simple writing journals with lined paper, sketch books and memory books.

4. Why did you start making journals and how long have you been doing it?

      My first journal covers were made for a book my best friend was writing. I have yet to give it to her though! I was also creating personalized art books for my daughter’s friends birthday parties. The girls loved them and the parents always told me to sell them!journal from papercraftsbyk

5. What inspires you to create your beautiful journal covers?

       There are so many things that inspire my journal covers and it can be as simple as seeing a leaf on the ground with cool colours to the colours and textures on paper! Sometimes I build around an image and sometimes I look at different paper and can see how to tear it!

6. What is the link to your Etsy shop? What is the link to your personal blog?

      My Etsy shop is: http://www.papercraftsbyk.etsy.com and my website is http://www.papercraftsbyk.com

Thank you so very much Kathleen for taking the time to be featured…all the best to you and your family out west!

Have a great day and happy sales to your Etsy shop!:)






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