Welcome to Mondays…72studios Presents…

Welcome Mondays…….

 72studios would love to introduce you to Kate of theletterkdesign !

Mondays on this blog are for Canadian Etsyians that are “hearted”.

 Introduce yourself to us please!

  Hi, my name is Kate or Katie!

I’ve been working hard as an art director for 13 years and have finally said its time to slow down.

Life starts at 6:00 A.M.- I check my emails and Etsy– all in hopes of orders. I love orders- not because of the sales- but more so because of the recognition that someone adores what I do.

I get my kids up and make breakfast and lunches and send them off. My youngest just started Kindergarten and my oldest is in Grade 12.

My BFA from UBC helps to make some lovely lunches with some great renderings of which item they should eat from first to last. ( I am not a controller! LOL!)

By noon I am well into my days project and I am starting to look at the clock wishing the 3:00 p.m. school bell wouldn’t ring so early!

I love my kids – but I also love my time  when I get to focus on my concepts.

3:00 p.m. I pick up my kids and then head home to spend time with them – dinner – baths and then a great story book that is illustrated so purely, rich with colours and texture like Oliver Jeffers. It’s like desert to me!

I am presently living in North Vancouver, British Columbia – and its a beautiful fall day, 22 degrees and sunny. The wind is blowing the pine needles off the trees and the leaves are just starting to change their colours!

I have always been crafty – ever since I was a little girl. My mom was  fantastic on a sewing machine, and I was pretty handy with a pencil and paper. I used to build my own magazines, teaching myself how to design lay ups and sneak in some advertising spots.  I loved to paint, sculpt, amd sew. I did just about anything that was crafty or artistic. It was like breathing to me – natural, easy, and so pleasurable!

My Etsy shop is pretty cool, I think! Its new since  July of this year. It carries the same tone and theme – it’s easy to look at- at least I think it is, and I like that! I love photography, so I do my best to shoot the blocks in a nice natural light. I love all the products, each one is unique in itself and have all been taken from sketch to final product in about 7-10 hours! I won’t post something until it is just perfect – to me – and hopefully for someone else!

My art blocks have always been in my head and I finally spat one out in December of 2008 – and I said “Kate – you have to do this” so here they are – growing, changing, evolving and improving. Only time will tell where this leads me. I never stay long on one project, so I will likely create 100 of each block and then move on.

I would be so pleased if you stopped by my shop for a “look see” – its all pretty pleasing to the eye. I hope you enjoy! And thanks for sitting down for a chat! :O)

This the link to Kate’s Etsy shop http://theletterkdesign.etsy.com

Thank you Kate for taking the time to tell us all about yourself…have a great day out on the West Coast of Canada….happy sales to you!!!


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