Welcome to Mondays…72studios Presents….

Welcome Mondays……

  72studios would like to introduce you to hppymummy of Crazy Baby Accessories!

  Today will be the first post to introduce Canadian Artisians on Etsy. I started this blog to introduce……

   Monday’s are for Canadian Etsyians that are “hearted”………..

Let’s start off with a local Etsyian from the Durham Region called hppymummy. She’s the creator of a  Baby/Children’s shop called Crazy Baby Accessories.

  Here a few questions that she was kind enough to answer for this blog…..

1. What is your name?


2.How many children do you have?

  I  have 3… 2 boys ages 3&5 and a girl who is 2 months old!

3.Where are you located in Canada?

    Oshawa, Ontario

4. What kind of refreshment starts your day off right?

   French Vanilla from Tim Hortons is what I need to get going in the morning!


   I started in the winter of 2007 making hair clips for my niece and then it slowly expanded into what it is today. Many friends and family constantly came up to me with different ideas on things I could make.

6.Why did you start CRAZY BABY ACCESSORIES?

   It started as a hobby…something to fill the time. I have always been creative which can be dangerous because when I get an idea in my head…I will work at it until it is finished…even if it means staying up all night! I love seeing the finished project. After running into many people who loved my stuff and the constant “You should really sell your stuff”!…..I took the leap…it was nerve racking at first…..but quickly turned into a real confidence booster!. I love being at home with my kids and CRAZY BABY ACCESSORIES has allowed me to do that!

7. What inspires you to create?

   Fabric. I am a fabric junkie….I could spend hours online looking at fabrics from my favourite designers. I started off with Michael Miller…then fell in love with Amy Butler, Sandi Henderson, Heather Ross and many others. I see a fabric I love and visualize what I can do with it….from a diaper bag, purse, bonnet to a sling or a quilt….the possibilites are endless if you let your mind run wild!!

8. How long have you been sewing for? Are you self taught or have you taken lessons?

   My grandmother taught me how to sew at the age of 9. I started making Barbie and doll clothes and quickly learned how to read a pattern and started making clothes for myself by the age of 12. My mom had the old Kenmore machine, which  she still uses to this day, that I made a lot of my stuff with. My mom would making me matching dresses for my dolls…which I will do for my daughter too……handmade gifts are the best!. I bought my first sewing machine at 19 and my collection has grown. I do a lot  of work on my newest machine, a Singer, my Antique table machine, which was my grandmother’s and my Serger….all of which do any amazing job!!!

9. What are your favourite items to create for you shop?

   One of newest items this year is Baby Bonnets…they are one of my favourite items to make. So much so that I can’t wait to start working on my Winter Bonnet line. My second favourite is my diaper bags and purses. They are time consuming, but I love the challenge!. Almost every bag I make is modified to suit the person using it!

10. What is the link to you Etsy shop?


    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions……take care…have a good day and happy sales to you!!


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